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F-1000 Digi-Meter Paddlewheel - Battery Powered Display

Sensor Mount Display

  • Water Ranges

    • 0.4 to 8000 GPM

  • Pipe Sizes

    • 3/8" to 12"

  • Battery powered (2 batteries Alkaline AA)

  • Easy to read, 6 digit, up to 4 decimal positions, LCD display.

  • Factory programmed, not user programmable.

  • Configurator Build your F-1000

  • Engineering Spec. Sheet. DOC

  • Instruction Manual  PDF  (PN 80000-335)

Paddlewheel Flowmeter

F-1000 Machined Fittings

F-1000 Molded Fittings


F-1000 Saddle, PVC Slip Fit, and 316 SS Tee Fittings

Other Information:

Note: All models are acceptable for outdoor installations; however, direct sunlight on the LCD is not recommended.

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